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DOI: 10.46698/VNC.2021.79.40.001


Salikhova, Leila B.
Izvestia SOIGSI. 2021. IIS 40 (79).
The paper examines the studies of English-language authors on the events of the revolutions of 1917, the civil war and
intervention, which attract the attention of both native and foreign researchers. It was noted the
interest of the English-language authors in the North Caucasus in the XX, and in the XXI century.
The work is relevant, as it provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the research of Englishlanguage
authors, with their view on the historical past of the peoples of the North Caucasus,
associated with the history of Russia as a whole, with their role in the geopolitical context. The
purpose of the paper is to identify the works of English-language researchers of the XXth century
in foreign literature about the events in the North Caucasus in the period 1917–1921 and try to
analyze them. The following methods were used in the study: method of description, analysis,
principle of objectivity, etc. The paper shows that foreign authors in their works paid attention to the
North Caucasian Mountain Republic, the Southeastern League of Cossack Hosts, Mountaineers of
the Caucasus and Free Peoples of the Steppes, to the relations of the peoples of this region with the
Russians, Great Powers, with its neighbours in the Caucasus, the impact of religion on mountaineer
politics. They noted the opportunities that the events of 1917 provided to the peoples of the North
Caucasus, including the organization of various political councils, new local governments, etc.
English-language scholars also dwelt on the confrontation among the population, which led to
armed clashes. The works of foreign authors help to supplement the material of native researchers
and significantly broaden the research horizon.
Keywords: North Caucasus, English-language researchers, Terek-Dagestan government, the United Mountain Peoples of the North Caucasus and Dagestan, Southeastern League of Cossack Hosts, Mountaineers of the Caucasus and Free Peoples of the Steppes.
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