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Izvestia SOIGSI



Address: Pr. Mira, 10, Vladikavkaz,
362040, RNO-A, Russia



1. “Izvestiya SOIGSI” (“Proceedings of the North Ossetian Institute for Humanitarian and Social Studies”) is a peer-reviewed open access academic journal.
2. The manuscripts of science articles and materials are considered if they are corresponded to the all requirements for publication in the journal.
3. All received materials are reviewed internal by the highly qualified researchers of the Institute which have a science degree in relevant fields of science. If necessary, the article is reviewed by an external expert.
4. The reviewing of manuscripts is anonymous.
5. If review is positive the material is accepted for publication in order of priority. A decision of publication is accepted at the journal’s editorial board’s meeting.
6. In case an expert has questions, the editors send them to the author with getting the main points of required emendations for reworking.
7. If the expert agrees with the author’s emendations the material admits ready for publication. If the expert finds the emendations do not meet the essence of the remarks made the material is removed from further consideration.
8. The material is removed from further consideration if the author refused its reworking.
9. If the reader takes a negative decision on the manuscript the author receives motivated refusal to its publication.
10. The fee for the publication of materials is not charged to graduates.
11. The reviews are stored by the editorial board for 5 years. The reviews’ copies send to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education on request.

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