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DOI: 10.46698/VNC.2021.79.40.006


Kaitova, Irina A.
Izvestia SOIGSI. 2021. IIS 40 (79).
Ossetian literature has always explored in depth and artistically convincingly such
social communities as people, nation, classes, and family. The object of her close attention
became purely philosophical questions of the existence of these communities: what are they
from the point of view of their axiological significance at a particular stage of the historical
development of society, in what direction do they develop and what is their historical fate
in the flow of powerful dynamics and dialectics of the historical and cultural process. In
general, this or that community in the interpretation of Ossetian literature is an objective
reality, a form of social life, historically determined by the social connection between the
people who make up it. In addition, it places a special emphasis on the conscious-spiritual
factors of community. For example, such as language, traditions, mentality, worldview,
social and moral values, ideology. In a community, people are united by the type of activity
in the system of social production, involvement in certain economic ties, common material
interests, the territory or space where they live or work. In this sense, social communities, in
the conceptual understanding of Ossetian literature, are objective in nature. But they also
necessarily have a subjective factor. Thus, any person, a member of a particular community,
creates his own connections and relationships in it, either enriching its potential opportunities
in the movement towards social progress, towards the ideal, or reducing them. In general, it
depends on the person’s personality, his civic and moral maturity. And that is why Ossetian
literature studies the nature, the essence of a person, and his connections in society so deeply
and carefully. In short, this is the philosophical and aesthetic concept of social community,
formed by the Ossetian literature throughout its history.
Keywords: Ossetian literature, social community, people, family, novel, novel, hero, character
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