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DOI: 10.46698/VNC.2021.79.40.008


Besolova, Elena B.
Izvestia SOIGSI. 2021. IIS 40 (79).
The article analyzes the unique ethnographic material on the Ossetian maternity rituals,
collected in the south and north of Ossetia and published by E.G. Pchelina. The article is of
great cognitive and scientific importance, because the issues of socialization are considered in
it through the prism of ethnography, archeology, linguistics and folkloristics, and this approach
comprehensively highlights the fundamental values of the spiritual culture of the Ossetians.
Researches convey traditional norms, socio-cultural experience, moral attitudes, moral
principles, mental makeup, etc., in a word, the ethnocultural heritage of the Ossetians of the
first half of the last century. Pchelina recorded the components of the Ossetian culture, both
local and universal, which caused the problems that lay in the process of socialization. The
publication suggests that family and household rituals and customs, as well as childbirth rituals,
evolved according to specific economic conditions and represented a complex of rational and
religious-magical ways in which the patriarchal nature of Ossetian society was entrenched. As
for the primitive magical ritual acts-actions, a clear idea of belief in supernatural forces and the
dependence of the Highlander’s fate on the influence of these forces is affirmed. E.G. Pchelina
reveals social norms, the roots of which lie in the most ancient social institutions of the Ossetians;
describes ethical norms within the family, kindred community and ethnic community; conveys
the symbolic meaning of childbirth rituals; preserves the scenarios of the rituals and customs
that have undergone transformation and are nowadays among the Ossetians, as well as those
that have gone into the past. The local differences in the Ossetian maternity rituals, which are
found in the ethnographer’s work, are impressive, but also specifically universal, characteristic of
other peoples of the North Caucasus.
Keywords: Ossetians, socialization, firstborn, mother in labor, religious beliefs, religious and magical methods and techniques
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