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DOI: 10.46698/VNC.2021.79.40.010


Chochiev, Georgy V. , Marzoev, Islam-Bek T.
Izvestia SOIGSI. 2021. IIS 40 (79).
The problem of repatriation of the representatives of North Caucasian diaspora arose shortly
after the start of mass migrations of mountaineers to the Ottoman Empire in the 1860s. However,
due to the negative position on this issue of official St. Petersburg and Istanbul, the problem has
not been resolved. Attempts by individual North Caucasian public figures to stop the flow of
emigration of their compatriots to the sultan’s domains yielded only limited results. In light of
this, attention is drawn to the initiative of some representatives of the Mountaineer traditional
nobility, dating back to the late XIX and early XX c., to organize the return to the Caucasus of
some of the migrants living in Syria, which is described in the memoirs of M.J. Tuganov. The
text contains evidence of the concern of the Mountaineer elites about the alteration of the ethnodemographic
balance in the region due to the ongoing exodus of the indigenous population,
their abilities to lobby in the upper echelons of Russian power for the project of repatriation
of North Caucasians and their coordination with some high-ranking Ottoman Circassians.
The refusal of the overwhelming majority of the settlers from the opportunity to return to the
Caucasus reflects the fact of their successful adaptation and integration by this time in their new
homeland. Tuganov’s observations of the peculiarities of life and social behavior of well-known
and ordinary members of the North Caucasian diaspora community in the Ottoman state are
also of interest.
Keywords: North Caucasian diaspora, Ottoman Empire, Istanbul, Syria, Caucasus, repatriation, memoirs
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